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Rational Combination Ovens

Throughout 2015 Rational are having Cooking Live demo days all over the UK

There is no need for conventional inputs such as temperature, time and humidity, or complicated programming, constant monitoring or other routine jobs.

Intelligent cooking which does everything.

SelfCooking Control automatically detects product specific requirements, the size of the food to be cooked and the loaded quantity. Cooking time, temperature and the ideal cooking climate and individually calculated and continuously adjusted to achieve the result you want. So with only one button you can cook an incredible variety of different foods. Even typical regional cooking and eating habits are automatically taken into consideration.

Every second is optimised.

Colin Hill Rational Oven

SelfCooking Control sensitively monitors and optimises the cooking process 3600 times an hour. Food is cooked exactly the way you want it - even overnight - and the results are reproducible every time.

Simply holds no bounds.

With the SelfCooking Center you can relax in the knowledge that the demanding daily kitchen routine is under control: you can bake, roast, steam. blanch, poach and much more, all in a single unit. There is no taste transfer even when widely differing products are loaded at the same time. Vitamins, minerals and nutrients are conserved.

15% faster.

The SelfCooking Center cooks up to 15% faster than conventional Combi-Steamers, saving you both time and money.

Investment with increased profit margin.

The SelfCooking Center replaces or relegates to minimal floor space 40-50% of all conventional cooking appliances such as hot air ovens, stoves, boiling pans, steamers and deep-fryers. During every cooking process SelfCooking Control automatically makes use of the full technical potential of the SelfCooking Center on your behalf. So you always get full value for your money.

Self-explanatory controls.

The SelfCooking Center is even easy for temporary staff to operate.

Meat "taste the difference".

SelfCooking Control always ensures automatic success - whether it's boiled meat, sirloin, crispy roasts or succulent steaks. Reliable time and time again - even overnight.

So you can cook an incredible variety with just one button. Whether it's beef, pork, lamb, game or veal, no matter what the size or quantity loaded, your roast is automatically beautifully browned and succulently tender in the centre.

So simple do what the SelfCooking Control suggests or select your own personal result each time.

Simply better poultry.

Whether it's goose, duck, chicken, turkey or poussin, whole or in pieces, and whatever the weight - SelfCooking Control cooks it all to perfection.

Self Cooking Control knows the best way to cook each of these poultry products. SelfCooking Control takes the weight and loaded quantity into account and automatically calculates the individual cooking process. Even typical regional cooking and eating habits are taken into consideration.

With only one button you can cook turkey, poussin through to capon, no matter what the weight or quantity loaded. On the default setting your poultry is automatically beautifully browned and cooked through in the centre.

A new dimension in fish.

50, 100, 400 whole fish or fillets - poached, grilled or pan fried in the classical manner - no worries, SelfCooking Control cooks them perfectly. There is only one good method of cooking your fish the way you want it, SelfCooking Control knows that method and at the same time even takes typical regional cooking and eating habits into consideration. Cooking temperature, time, humidity and air speed are adjusted automatically, depending on how you want the fish cooked. You get the result you want - consistently reproduced.

With only one button you cook fillets and whole fish, irrespective of the type, size or quantity loaded. On the default setting your fish is automatically beautifully browned and succulently tender in the centre. So simply do what the SelfCooking Control suggests or select your own personal result each time.

Side dishes take centre stage. Cooking crispy French fries, other potato products, vegetables, any type of rice or dumplings - no matter what the size or loaded quantity - is child's play with SelfCooking Control.

Even soufflés and gratins are always perfectly cooked in the SelfCooking Center. Gratins are automatically given a golden brown crust one the cooking phase is complete.

With only one button you cook French fries, whether frozen or fresh, croquettes and even rosti. Products are automatically beautifully browned on the default setting. So simply do what SelfCooking Control suggests or select your own personal result each time.

Bake professionally.

Do your own baking. Your customers will notice the difference. The SelfCooking Center can turn out an incredible variety of bakery products at the touch of a button. The key to obtaining optimum baking results is the precise coordination of temperature, time, moisture, humidification and air flow. SelfCooking Control continually monitors and optimises the sensitive baking process - automatically achieving the results you want. The SelfCooking Center can now for the first time incorporate an integrated proving stage.

With only one button you can cook Danish pastries, apple strudel, tray cake, ring cake, sponge - no matter what the size or quantity loaded. On the default setting your baking is automatically beautifully browned. So simply do what SelfCooking Control suggests or select your own personal result each time.

Finishing in the SelfCooking Center.

Colin Hill Rational Over 2

Better than freshly cooked. Fresh cooking is usually associated with keeping food warm, e.g. in a holding cabinet or display cabinet. Keeping it warm means loss of quality. Finishing in the SelfCooking Center does away with the need to keep food warm - no matter whether your preparing 1, 10 or thousands or meals.

You start with the mise en place of all the requisite dishes whenever you have the time: in the morning, the afternoon, or a day beforehand. No more expensive temporary help or overtime. As soon as the food has been produced in the SelfCooking Center it is chilled thus halting further unwanted cooking. Food quality remains superb.

The chilled food is arranged on plates as required and takes only 8 minutes to heat to serving temperature in the SelfCooking Center - at the touch of a button. Condensate puddles on plates as well as dried out food belong finally to the past. You get plate after plate of consistently top quality food with no stress, even with a la carte service.

Spotless hygiene overnight.

It's fully automatic. Rational CleanJet sets new performance standards. The innovative circulation ensures spotless hygiene and low water consumption. Risks from the use of conventional cleaning liquids are now history. Special cleaners and rinse aids developed by Rational guarantee perfect health protection.

100% operating safety without expensive water softening units.

Say goodbye to unforeseen operating failures caused by limescale build-up. The patented CalcDiagnosis System continuously measures the limescale level in the steam generator, automatically taking account of both individual SelfCooking Center use and local water quality. Now there is no need to buy or maintain expensive water softening systems. No more leaving descaling until its too late, or doing it before it is really necessary - saving time and money.

Investment with increased profit margin.

Your Rational SelfCooking Center not only automatically recoups your investment in a very short time, but from day one it earns you more profit. By instantly cutting down on raw materials, energy, working hours, investment and space, it saves significantly more than it costs. Replace 40-50% of conventional appliances in a floor space of less than 1 m2. This reduces total kitchen space requirement.

Cooking modes.

Selfcooking control with 7 cooking modes - Roasts, Grills, Poultry, Fish, Baking, Side dishes, Finishing. Combi-Steamer mode with 3 modes - Moist heat 30-130°C, Dry Heat 30-300°C, Combination of moist heat and dry heat 30-300°C.

Additional functions:

  • Core temperature detection with 6-point measuring.
  • ClimaPlus Control - humidity measurement and control.
  • Humidification at 30 - 260°C in dry heat or combination moist heat and dry heat.
  • Extended humidifying function with adjustable humidity value.
  • 5 air speeds.
  • 1/2 energy (electric models only).
  • Demand responsive energy supply.
  • HACCP data memory and output via USB interface.
  • Cool down - rapid cabinet cooling.
  • At least 350 programs with 12 steps, freely selectable.
  • CalcDiagnosis System (CDS) automatic service notices for steam generator.
  • Automatic vapour quenching system.
  • ServiceDiagnostic System (SDS) with automatic service notices display.
  • CleanJet, the automatic cleaning system.
  • Manual cleaning program.
  • LevelControl rack monitoring with times individually programmed for each rack.
  • Delta-T cooking.
  • Automatic pre-selected starting time adjustable for date and time.
  • Temperature unit adjustable in °C or °F.
  • Adjustable buzzer tone.
  • Adjustable display contrast.
  • Time setting in hours/minutes or minutes/seconds.
  • Online help function.
  • Menu-guided descaling program.

For the following accessories please contact us for further details:

  • Stands.
  • Thermocabinets.
  • UltraVent condensation hoods.
  • Mobile plate racks.
  • Thermocovers.
  • Mobile Oven Racks.
  • Run in rails.
  • Transport trolleys.
  • Unit connection kits.
  • Lamb & suckling pig spits.
  • Grills / Meat & Baking grid shelves.
  • Banquet finishing systems.
  • Containers / grids etc.
  • Combi-Duo stacking installation kits.
  • Installation & Site Survey.